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Possibly The Worst Idea Of All Time


Which needs a jacuzzi when you can easily fill your porch along with water oh my the lord are you joke me
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  1. 5 MINUTES CRAFTS IS ABOUT THE VIDEO BEING 5 MINUTES… Sorry about the caps but I expected more from you… *snif*
    What? It’s not? Zjeez. Now I’m confused. None of those can be done in five minutes.

  2. William Osman made the first thing the cotton candy machine so they copied his idea completely minus using a tub not a bucket!

    1. Does it really matter though? Anyone in their right mind would just grab a bag of cotton candy for like $2 at the store instead of making that abomination.

    2. The video after that was made by Karina Garcia, she’s a Youtuber. Evidently 5 Minute Crafts is stealing videos and putting them on Facebook, and the original creators never claimed it would take 5 minutes.

    3. Yeah and putting a metal lid on an angle grinder is super dangerous bc it could break from the fast speeds and would send sharp metal shards flying everywhere, probably even through the box. My dads colleauge got a piece of a angle grinder disc gently placed inside his neck when it ripped.

  3. Something scarier than needles is when you throw a trashbag in the big trash container and a cat jumps out of it

  4. How did that kid expect to empty his balcony pool? Just dump it all over the balconies and (probably?) street/people below orrrr

  5. You know what is a contraption that over complicates an action, hole punchers, why can’t you just clench your fist and punch a hole through whatever you want huh, it’s a waste pod plastics and metals and some poor factory workers time

    1. And for that matter, why do we make scissors when we can just rip stuff with our bare hands or stick our fingers out and run them down sheets of paper like wtf


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