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Minecraft: The 9 Portals


Oh hey appear that is actually a MInecraft map video clip oh boy
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    1. Maitre No I think the reason is because Jordan probably got bored of playing the same game all the time and found that he enjoyed making the reddit videos and also because YouTube liked to demonetize a lot of his Minecraft videos. I’m not sure if this is the exact reason, but I think he made a video talking about this.

    2. Jozef Keresturi Amount of subscribers does not change how YouTube promotes you. It works off of consistent posts of mainly one subject with little variation. Jordan has noticed this with his vlog channel getting more views than his other channels in a shorter time and whatnot.

    3. Jozef Keresturi A larger portion of active subscribers is necessary as well, but not pure amount of subscribers.

    4. The reason Sparklez doesn’t have as many views now is not because the audience grew tired. It’s because the YouTube algorithms started to focus on things other than gaming, and that is what basically shut down the subscriber and view pipes for Sparklez and channels like AntVenom. Game theory did a video on this titles “Did YouTube Kill Gaming?” or something along those lines, and we see MatPat briefly mention CaptainSparklez (Jordan) and AntVenom (Taylor) in the video as prime examples. The viewers probably were still interested, however, since the YouTube algorithms changed, the illusion of less people being interested is created due to these guys’ videos not appearing on the average person’s, or even a follower’s recommended page.

    1. if you want to see jardon playing video games you can always go to his second channel… he uploads videos daily…

  1. Oh thank god! A Minecraft video. Liked, immediately liked. Yes, I know there are videos on the second channel, but I prefer to ingest Minecraft in small doses that don’t take an hour, where most of it turns out uneventful.

    1. What I meant is, most of the hour of the video is uneventful, then there is something amazing, and back to uneventful.
      I love to watch Jordan’s videos, but I just don’t have time to spend an hour watching a video like that.

    2. Yeah same, I don’t have the time or patience to watch someone play a video game unedited for 1 hour.

    3. If you ever do have some free time, though, you should try watching them, since they seem to have interesting conversations, just like Nick and Jardon in Trials. Except… not to that extent 8)

  2. hell yeah!! love the reddit videos but absolutely love the minecraft content, especially on main channel

    1. Rule #1: Do not judge a game by it’s community. If he likes minecraft, what’s it to you? Why do you get mad? There is no reason to get mad over someone liking a game. Explain your reasoning, please…

  3. I know people comment this a lot, but I genuinely never clicked a video as fast as I did this one, so excited for a new video like this with X33n


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