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WE HAPPY FEW Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 – QUIZ


Our Team Delighted Few Walkthrough Gameplay Component 5 features a Customer review and Objective 5 of the We Delighted Handful Of Account Initiative on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X as well as COMPUTER. This Complete Game We Pleased Few Gameplay Walkthrough are going to feature a Review, Arthur, Sally, Ollie and also the End of the Single Player Project.


Our experts Satisfied Few is actually an indie action-adventure video game built through Obsession Games and also posted through Transmission Printing for Microsoft Window, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Occurring within the mid-1960s, complying with an alternate variation from The second world war, players have management over one of three personalities, each of who look for to accomplish an individual activity while running away the fictional area of Wellington Wellsa collapsing dystopia almost societal failure, as a result of the overuse from a hallucinogenic medicine that maintains its own inhabitants blissfully unaware concerning the honest truth of their globe, while leaving all of them conveniently maneuvered as well as being without lessons.

The activity showcases three various playable characters, which affects the beginning of the account. Arthur Hastings, which was accessible given that the activity's preliminary alpha launch, works as a censor to get rid of offending stories in newspaper archives from Wellington Wells. After coming upon an account concerning him and also his younger sibling, he chooses to forgo taking his Happiness tablet, which induces him to see the condition from Wellington Wells for what this genuinely, as well as becomes hunted as a "downer". An additional personality is Sally Boyle, an associate to one of the medical professionals that produced Joy, and now operates as an "experimental drug store" for the General, both which are actually trying to reclaim Wellington Wells. Ollie Starkey is the third personality, a past soldier that has chosen not to have Joy for years, revolting from the system, but otherwise aims to stay concealed coming from the other residents. Each character has special skill sets to work their technique by means of the video game: Arthur excels with fray items like a cricket bat, Sally may creep about as well as infuse shields to place them to sleep, and also Ollie is actually a nitroglycerins specialist.


  1. Please make longer videos of this series! Honestly I’m so intrigued by this game, and I hope you make it a full series!

    1. Normally I would laugh at a post like this but damn congrats on the best birthday gift ever!! Happy birthday 🎉

    1. theRadBrad
      hey the walking dead season 4 is releasing day after tomorrow when can we expect it by your side..too excited

    2. theRadBrad thanks 😊. You too!
      Please keep doing this game play for we happy few. I reckon youll reach 10 mil subs by december easily. Youre the best man ✌

  2. I don’t watch video games on YouTube too often, but I’ve really been enjoying this one. My boyfriend had told me you uploaded a video of this particular game (he had been looking forward to it for a while) and recommended I watch. I’ve been hooked ever since!


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