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DONKEY KONG (Honest Game Trailers)


From Nintendo, comes a collection that pleads the questionwhy the heck is his first name Donkey? This is Donkey Kong!

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Trailers that tell you the REALITY regarding your favorite Video clip Games: Honest Video Game Trailers. These are the funny trailers the video game developers don't prefer you to observe

Honest Video Game Trailers: Donkey Kong.
Manager Producers: Matt Raub as well as Spencer Gilbert.
Incident Created through: Andrew Bird, Max Song & Spencer Gilbert.
Revised through: Maximum Tune.

Voiceover Voice-over by Jon Bailey:.

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    1. It’s Raping time Yeah, if they called him Dunkey, Nintendo would become the publisher of Knack 2. Oh, here comes the money.
      Super Mario 2, baby.

    2. insert original username here I knew that if I just looked in the comments I would find a response like this 🙂

  1. SayThe pen is mightier than the swordunless it’s a pen sword, then you’re just boned

    1. Chris Williams DK64 is an abysmal pile of collectable garbabe. Maybe play it again to see it’s true form.

    1. this kong is making a funny face
      he can handstandif he needs too
      and spin one out, just for you!
      inflate himself, just like a balloon
      this kong has a crazy tune*
      Donkey Kong
      Donkey Kong is here

      From memory*

    1. @TheKiss, That’s true. However I think it’s hilarious how the convoluted meta-plot tying (or at least trying to) such different games gets.

    1. His Coconut nut Gun can fire in bursts
      If he shoots ya, it’s gonna hurt!
      He’s bigger, faster and stronger too
      He’s the first member of the DK crew
      Donkey Kong
      Donkey Kong is here!

    2. This Kong’s got style so listen up dudes
      She can shrink in size, to suit her mood
      She’s quick and nimble when she needs to be
      She can float through the air and climb up trees!
      If you choose her, you’ll not choose wrong
      With a skip and a hop, she’s one cool Kong!

      DK! Donkey Kong!

    1. Zachary Erickson Well, you sure have a great taste. The scene with that quote was amazing. I never expect a Castlevania animated series, but I am pleased with what we got. It was epic.

  2. I was going to say I could slap the piss out of something, but then you put in a mention of the DK rap at the end. Well played Smosh Games, well played


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