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This expense the reddish headphones their lifestyle. RIP in pieces.
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b i l a s., Goodie Robbery – No More Rips
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Many thanks for seeing, men! Rankings, faves, as well as general responses is consistently cherished:-RRB-.


  1. It would have been 9999999999 IQ if your video had the same time as the bar at the bottom of the subreddit.

    1. You’re right. What IQ *does* have an effect on is your ability to understand jokes, and not take everything seriously. Especially sarcasm.

    2. Bolt Strikes IQ also doesn’t have anything to do with that, kiddo. There also isn’t any joke here unless jordan said something about IQ that i missed

  2. I held my breath and went to the description but I died because the link to your other channel wasn’t there

  3. There’s no link to the channel I just hold my breath for 7 seconds for no reason


    1. You are all wrong.
      He is now to be called Jardon Money or Jardon Monies.
      It has been decreed as thus!

  4. This might be a stupid question, but why is he wearing headphones if he isn’t playing a game or listening to music?

    1. Lucy Probst why did you have “were” right next to “we’re”? are you too lazy to fix it??

      mildly infuriating

  5. Life Hack: That sweatshirt bulge makes the best cellphone rest for viewing in landscape orientation. Also, remember to stretch your neck in this position every ten minutes to prevent muscle strain.


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