Hem Åtgärd CAR MOD IRLTrials Fusion w/ Nick

CAR MOD IRLTrials Fusion w/ Nick


Spotting reddit blog posts in bush
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    1. Why is your comment edited. Did you have a hard time with just the wordHelloor did you sayFirstand then change it?

  1. when a trials map gets made and calledEZits theeasierversion of an EVEN harder version of the track. and also when you make asooper dooper difficulthard map, you have to test and test again, and then pass it to upload it. so to make a ninja track you have to pass it to upload it. just letting you know since its been asked in so many damn trials vids 😉

  2. Jardon: I’m avoiding political content
    Also Jardon: Makes joke about cultural appropriation prom dress controversy

    Honey you got a big storm coming

    1. extraterrestrial panda whos the bad guy the person who wore the dress or the person who got offended by it im lost xD

  3. Interesting how when they’re under 10 mins and jardon’s in the lead they stopJust saying lol

    1. I think they only play another map when the raw footage is under 10 minutes. Since the edited video is just under 10 minutes, the raw footage is probably over 10 minutes.

    2. InfamousAtom Wow. How crazy how everyone mentions this in every single video it happens. Im so shocked!

  4. Nick should get an extra 10 points every game since he has waited for Jardon to catch up in previous matches but Jardon never ever waits. Actually Jardon uses his lead to crush Nick. I think Jardon suffers from only child syndrome.

  5. So oblivious. You do the first part right and then the next part completely goes over your head. Jesus xD That was actually so hard to watch xD

  6. yeah, great video guys. I liked how you guys have conversations while playing the games please do trails fusion with stories more :D?


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