Casa Tiro DeathGardenI’M A PARKOUR NINJA! (First time playing) 5v1!

DeathGardenI’M A PARKOUR NINJA! (First time playing) 5v1!


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    1. Choochoo Moo if you dont know that they were not telling the truth how do you know if they are lying?

    2. The Evil Turtle

      If you know that someone was making statements likeI have been here since 200 subs, then HOW Do you know they were telling the truth?

    3. I can’t just believe everything anyone saysshould I just walk into a white van because someone said, “Oh, I won’t hurt you, I have free candy>

  1. Finally yes! Hope Ohm teaches them all the tricks. :))
    You guys are *Bullies!*
    Shadow was just a shadow. Dont worry.

    Also they should add a sprint for the runners if the NPI is full.
    I mean he has guns so the runners should be faster so they can dodge.

  2. i like how evreybodt loughs normal
    his freinds: hahahaa

    1. The Raccoon the op never said it’s not supportive. He is saying that these comments doesn’t make any sense

  3. Never leave Shadow behind😛 Glad to see you playing this game, and hoping when it comes back out, you guys put more time into it!

    1. You’re such a great supporter of these guys, honestly Some fans are really amazing :D. I just comment when ever I can help out other fans or viewers, (these YouTubers don’t always have time to answer) who aren’t aware of something, or has questions about something that was answered already. Sorry if this is a weird comment, but I love supportive people and it makes me happy to see that UwU

    2. I really appreciate that!! I just love communities that have fun with each other and have the same love for content! 🙂

    1. It did take over him at the beginning . Glad he is adding variety . I honestly don’t like watching fortnite. It’s meh at best

    2. Wildcat was talking about Delirious still uploading Fortnite but a few months later he’s the one uploading

    3. Yeah me too but fortnite gets him a lot of views that’s the only reason wildcat is posting so much of it because he is getting like 1 million-2 million views a video

    4. If you look at delirious recent videos fortnite is pretty much the only thing that’s pulling in 1-2 million views


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