Casa Azione The Worst Bug Got Even Worse

The Worst Bug Got Even Worse


Just when you assumed factors could not receive any more bad.
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  1. I tried to make a reservation at my local library yesterday.. Obviously, I couldn’t get one.

    Cause they were..

    Fully *booked*

    1. You my sir are not the hero these comments asked for but you are definitely the hero these comments needed. 😉

    1. I am still dead, in my imagination o had similar thing even before he suggested to use that at intersection

    1. Oh no, my IP! It’s not like every single thing I do on the internet reads my IP so it can send me information!

    2. Oh no, my IP! It’s not like my IP isn’t almost identical to every other Linksys router in my area!

    3. Mahmoud Telab Every website knows your IP. If they wouldnt know its like ordering something on amazon without an adress

    1. Ben ik de enige Nederlander hier die niet weet wat Magister is? Mijn school gebruikt Eduarte…….wat niet veel beter is. 😂

  2. Has anyone noticed that Jordan has been losing a lot of subs through a short period of time just wondering if anyone noticed?

    1. Ryan1111coolkid because he is a reddit channel and the people subbed for gaming are giving up on him going back

    2. He plays Minecraft on his second channel. Plus, Minecraft isn’t dying. Less YouTubers play it, but the active player base is growing faster than ever.

    3. Bibasik7 actually no. Playstation and PC have the highest player base and because ps4 disabled the update the players are decreasing

  3. The checkbox CAPTCHA works by tracking your cursor movement. The CAPTCHA uses a temporary cookie that allows it to track your cursor movement before you tick the box. If the movement was too perfect to be human, or if the box was suddenly just ticked without the mouse moving (or if the cookie was blocked and the tracking was impossible), you’ll get the image puzzle instead

    1. Maybe i really am a robot and now i’m self aware about it, i’ll seppuku to see if i have organs.
      Be back in a min.
      never replied again or edited his comment

    2. MrPatko0770 i always get the checkbox on mobile, and it never works, idk why. i just chose for the audio or pictures.

    3. So apparently I’m a robot now?

      ….Good golly, this is the time of my life…….(sniff)……the pinnacle of my existence……the revelation that……I, myself……was indeed… automation with sentimentality

  4. CaptainSparklez I finally am back and resubbing. It’s been years since I’ve seen this channel or played Minecraft. I found a modpack called Kinetic, it’s a throwback to the Tekkit days! With so many more mods and Aether-like worlds floating above earth, meteorites and craters that have insane mobs and loot, more dungeonsThe list goes on. Everyone who used to play Minecraft check it out, it got me back into it and I’m 20. Got my own forge server with my bro, so much more MC content out there!

    1. MISFIT VILLAGE ERROR 404 I’m sorry but were gonna have to take you in, Reddit is all Jeoaredicton does. (Yes I know I watch the second channel)

    1. fatemonkey then buy an actually good android. Android is not a manufacturer of cell phones. Its an OS. Stop basing ur shitty opinions off of samsung phones. Look up google pixel or oneplus like i said.

  5. The one with the United Kingdom made me remember that I used to think it was just a fancy name for the US so I always picked it when I was signing up for things

    1. jesus. This reminds me when they asked that kid what countries she knew and she said florida and america.

  6. I thought thatthis channel is just reddit reactionsthing was just a joke, but then I checked his uploadsAnd it’s really all that it is now.

    1. Audixas> I thought thatthis channel is just reddit reactionsthing was just a joke, but then I checked his uploadsAnd it’s really all that it is now.

      Thank goodness.

    2. What is wrong with his point is that he made a gaming channel and salvaged his actual gaming channel into a reaction channel but sadly its our last hopr

    3. So:
      1. Sparklez has been talking for ages about how YouTube prefers channels with a single subject focus.
      2. You know (admittedly even) that Sparklez has mulitple channels devoted to other stuff as well.
      Yet you *still* feel the need to complain about the lack of diversity on this channel?

  7. reCAPTCHA analyzes your mouse movement before clicking. If they cannot determine if it un-robotly, then they prompt you.

  8. Uh, Cap. I think nuclear FISSION is what you meant.

    Fission is the one in nuclear power plants and stuff.

    Fusion is the one the sun uses. Does anyone want a detailed explanation of this?

    Also, after you talked about people saying to switch to android if restarting doesn’t work, I got thatupgrade to Galaxyad. Mildly interesting imo.

    1. He was talking about experimental fusion reactors. Companies like General Fusion have made fusion reactors for power generation but at this point they are not yet commercially viable.

    2. This reminds me of that one video where NASA got sent a GLaDOS, and she completely schooled everyone.

  9. *”Negative one-up”*
    When you try to complain about how tired you are and someone else bursts in and goesYOU THINK YOU’RE TIRED DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT I’VE DONE I’M SO TIREDetc.


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