Casa Azione *NEW* LEGENDARY BURST vs LEGENDARY SCARWhich is BEST? – Fortnite: Battle Royale!

*NEW* LEGENDARY BURST vs LEGENDARY SCARWhich is BEST? – Fortnite: Battle Royale!


Fortnite Struggle: Royale – Comparing the NEW Legendary Famas vs Legendary SCAR!
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  1. OMG the amount of people who say he’s. A hacker 😂😂 no he edited it out so you didn’t have to wait 10 seconds and just wait one second instead it’s called editing -_-

  2. What, I think the burst is better because you said the blue burst is close to the scar now epic and lengendari burst must be better right if you agree like my comment plzzzzzzzzzzz agree

    1. Blue burst WAS close to the scar when it did 75 head shot. Now that it does 60 its not even better than the blue ar

  3. I think that the *new* BURST is better than the scar, because it’s doing more damaga than the scar. It’s only my opinion.

  4. At 6:30 he takes a med how long does it take him and his voice does not skipIs he comintating thing it after the video was played

    1. AceTCK Why do you still watch him then, to feel better about yourself. Your channel is bad af.

  5. Everyone debating on how well Ali’s playing, meanwhile I’m here getting absolutely wrecked by a mobile player in my Fortnite content RIP.


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