Accueil Action Yanny or LaurelMYSTERY SOLVED



Everyone corrects. Everybody mistakes.

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Majurakk & ROXANAEndless time
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    1. Amru Abay I was hearing yanny and I thought everyone was lying in the end he said higher volume = Laurel so I turned the volume high up and now I only hear laurel now this is crazy so turn your volume up

  1. I swear i can hear both at the same time. And by the way Jordan, it does kinda change when closing your eyes, cause you then can concentrate on what you’re hearing. At least it was for me. At first i could only hear Yanny, but when i closed my eyes i heard both at the same time, something like YLENROL.

    1. I hear both the exact same no matter what I dono, I don;t hear both when he excludes them, because that would be dumb, but played normally, I hear both, none of which stand out more, they are equalI think people who only hear 1 may have hearing aids in their futurea sign that their hearing is failing o something like that, its the only way I can explain that

    1. u obv have autism then kid cuz ur ears have too much of ur dad’s cum in them to be able to ear it clearly saying laurel

    1. Ares Crimson Only if byYuriyou meanMonika”. They you could make a Just Monika joke.

    1. Thomas Rautenbach cause it has to do with how high of a frequency your ears can hear 🙂 and with age you hear worse


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