Hjem Rollespil STATE OF DECAY 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 – THE HEART (Xbox One X)

STATE OF DECAY 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 – THE HEART (Xbox One X)


NEW State from Degeneration 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 from the State from Tooth Decay 2 (SOD 2) Campaign consisting of an Assessment and also Goal 3 for Xbox One X and also WIndows. My State from Decay 2 Gameplay Walkthrough will include the Total Activity Account Initiative. This Full Video Game Condition from Tooth Decay 2 Gameplay Walkthrough includes an Evaluation, Defense, Zombies, Enemies, Managers, Foundation Structure, Character Customization, Single Gamer, Co-Op, Cinematics, Hairstyle Arenas as well as more until the Ending from the Solitary Gamer Tale. Many thanks Microsoft for providing me Condition of Degeneration 2!


State from Tooth decay 2 is a scary survival video game follow up to Condition of Tooth decay developed through Undead Labs and released through Microsoft Activity Studios. That is actually intended to release on Could 22nd 2018 for each Xbox one and also PC, along with an early launch time of May 18th for proprietors from the activity's Ultimate Edition. Condition of Degeneration 2 provides a vast available world video game split in three other maps, each with its personal environment and also sites. The gamer assumes the role of a procedurally created personality, and in given time recruit new members to their source so as to sustain a whole neighborhood. Blending factors from survival horror, role-playing and activity adventure video games, State from Decay supplies a wide variety from aspects that aid laid out a personal community encounter that is actually continuously growing and constantly different coming from gamer to player.

Condition of Tooth decay 2 is a 3rd individual, activity experience, survival horror, RPG activity, often lessened as survival fantasy by creators. The player possesses the job from none character, however a whole entire neighborhood. Every character that is employed right into a community may be one by one regulated, contributing their component in the direction of their alliance as well as enhancing personal skill-sets as well as targets. The gamer manages to shoot, steer and also melee, although weapons, cars and also equipment will certainly weaken after continuous make use of and also must be actually repaired making use of products located worldwide.


  1. Having a lot of fun with this game. If you want more just keep doing what you do. Much love and let’s get it!

    1. Keep it simple. This guy is my favorite, i like the way he plays andplease read all these comments!! XD oh and also please upload 2-3 videos/day. :v

    2. theRadBrad you can destroy plague hearts easier with fire or explosives. Also, dont forget to loot plague zombies for tissue samples they are very important

    3. theRadBrad army guy and turtle are infected you can tell by the meteorite above your mouth don’t let it be filled all the way up

  2. Am I the last of the people who is still loving all and any zombie game? Just me? Alright more zombie kills for me then you cunts

    1. Edward Miguel Sumampong well I hope I’m roasting otherwise I’m gay but since I’m into chicks so there’s a contradiction.
      Hence by the principle of logic it’s proved that I’m roasting him.

    1. Hey seems legit, could you shut up like you did in all the other comment sections? Thank you

    2. Seems Legit. If you want to see more of this I suggest you try and watch Gameriot cause he’s spam uploading State of decay 2.

  3. This would be 50% faster if you actually took the time to pay attention to the game and just got a car

    1. Eric Figueroa and if he saved his stamina by not sprinting around unnecessarily..but you know this is classic brad

    1. He’s fucking stupid. And it giving the people on YouTube a bad impression. He’s to fucking bad at this game to. Play and speak about it.

    2. thewolfpack gaming94 yeah I’m just salty and Jelly cuz I am just super Uber hyped and want to play it that’s all the guy doesent play these games a lot so it’s not like he is an idiot I’m just being a turd that’s all

    3. Trollinator 2000 He is honestly one of the worst gamers on yt. He always misses things in every game. Frustrating to watch.


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